Spidy Suit Seems Impossible but Real Technology

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When someone says to climb up on a vertical wall without any protection or without the help of rope and tools it seems impossible to us but modern science and technology has made it possible to do so. The brilliant students of Utah State University has created a real Spiderman suit which is a brilliant and innovative concept.

This incredible invention has been given the name Vacuum Ascender. The students of Mechanical and Aerospace department of Utah State University has created this incredible stuff after so much hard work. It has been developed to participate in US Air-force competition in which many universities has been given 20,000 U.S. $ and the time period of 9 months to prepare a suit reliable for wall climbing which is a concept for special task forces. There in that competition the Utah State team was the only one who achieved success in this project and after that University further achieved the grand amount of $ 50,000.

In Vacuum Ascender there is a twin battery-powered fans and it also creates the suction of 4.5 pounds per square inch by the help of two adhesive anchors which is helpful to stick to the wall until a valve is released. This suit is very helpful during many missions in which forces need to climb up on the wall and when any one of them reach at the top of the wall then he may secure ropes on the top and also may allow others to climb up easily and without risk.

This complete project is funded by military and this is the first stage of this suit, in near future we may get it more comfortable and tiny in size. Although Spider-man is a fictional character but this suit is going to change that fiction in reality.

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Spider-man Suit Images :

Spider-man Suit Images and videos

Spider-man Suit Images and videos

Spider-man Suit

Spiderman Suit

Video of Spider-man Suit for the Military :

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