List Of Top 5 Glorious Self- Made Man

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There is a list of 5 self-made man who made their own empire and own identity,they started a quite and good beginning and they did struggle and work until they reached at their goal.These are the men who achieved everything whatever they wanted to achieve.There are many men in this world who use to born with a silver spoon in their mouth but there are few men mentioned below who was born in a normal family but they made their status and also affected the lifestyles of others:

1- Yvon Chouinard

Yvon Chouinard is a world class mountain climber,Chouinard firstly taught himself blacksmithing then after that he began the training of peddling rock climbing tools.After that he moved towards the formation of game changing outdoor equipment and tools company name Patagonia,which every year donates the one percent profit of the sales of company for the preservation of the natural environment and natural assets.When Yvon Chouinard was young he created and founded the Falconry Club in the Southern California region.


2- Preston Tucker

Preston Tucker designed and created the most stylish car of that time name Tucker’48. Unfortunately the production of Tucker’48 got close due the scandal name ‘Amid scandal‘,after that Jeff Bridges did role in a hit movie which was based on the life story of Preston.There is also a strange fact about Tucker that he was blessed on a Peppermint farm.

preston tucker

3- Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is well known in the whole world as the most successful C.E.O and also as the founder of Apple company.He also confounded Pixar studio.During his career in Apple company he developed the concepts of  iMac,iTunes,iPod,iPhone and iPad.Now a days nobody can imagine this world without these gadgets.Steve Jobs was an adopted child.


4- Frederick Douglas

Firstly Frederick was a slave but after escaping slavery,Frederick became a famous leader of an movement which attracted huge audience.The speeches of Douglas was powerful and against the slavery which affected people so much.Frederick Douglas also wrote three autobiographies and he also supported a lot women’s rights and freedom.During his political career he was the first African American who was nominated for the seat of Vice President.


5- Daniel E. Williams

Williams firstly started his career by working in a whiskey distillery factory which was situated in Tullamore region at the age of 14th.While he was young and used to work in that factory he used to sleep above the horses’s stable at the time of night.When he grew up,at the age of 19 he was distiller and he became the General Manager when he was 25 year old.When he was at 50 year old he owned the company which serves the best whiskey now a day.


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