Perfect Diet And Foods To Improve Your Brain Power And Memory

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There are few foods which may help you to improve your brain power and memory.According to a scientific survey there is a fact that our brain may burn up to 100 calories every hour while we are thinking.So according this statement everyone who works hard daily feels so much hungry and at that time to take a perfect diet to feed your brain is really important matter,which also helps to improve the growth of our body and also helps to keep us active and energetic.
the diet food should be full of Vitamins and Nutrients to make fit our mental and physical state.Here are few foods and diets to improve our health and brain they are mentioned below:

1- Apples

It is a world famous quote that an apple a day keeps doctors away. But according to few recent surveys the result revealed out that Apple also helps to improve our brain and memory power,Apple protects our mind from the decease name,‘Neurodegenerative diseases‘.Apple also helps to keep safe our mind from damages which may occur from Bacteria,Fungi and other Viruses.


2- Berries

Berries are also a kind of fruit which help to keep our brain healthy and fit.Berries contains many kind of anti-oxident compounds which helps to stop the attack of viruses or kind of  Brain damages from free radicals.Berries also stops the memory loss problem.Every human being should eat at least one or two hands berries every day.

3- Nuts

Nuts are well famous dry fruits which is helpful to improve memory power.Nuts contains Vitamin E in a high amount,it is also helpful in the case of reducing memory which comes out due to age scenario.These are also full of healthy fats which make the functions of our mind in a clear way.Walnuts and Almonds are the best nuts in all.

4- Turmeric

Turmeric is a kind of yellow color spice which is specially found in curries,it preserves a kind of phytochemical which is known as Curcumin,it contains very strong and powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory virtue,inflammation is mixed with dementia,which save our mind from unwanted strokes and also helps in other diseases.

5- Egg Yolks

Egg Yolks is also a kind of best diet on which your mind will thank you,it contains Choline which is an important and required nutrient for brain.It has been noticed that it helps mind to retain knowledge.While eating egg don’t care to much about cholesterol and fat because if you are taking an perfect and balanced diet one Egg per day there will be no negative effect on your health and fitness.

6- Salmon Fish

Salmon and other kind of Oily Fish are full of Omega 3 gradient which is a helpful substance to keep the functions and abilities of brain properly, it also effects on nerve cells and due to it they feels themselves more communicative with each other in a better way.Omega 3 also helps in our memory and learning processes.

7- Oysters

Oysters is a food full of Iron and Zinc and both of these makes our mind sharp and also helps to improve our concentration power.Except these qualities they also helps to boost our mind power with the help of Omega 3.Oysters are also well known as Aphrodisiac.

So above there are foods and gradients which will help to find out a better memory and brain.It is known by everyone and also get believed that ,”Eat good and stay good.”.So just help out to increase your brain performance.So what’s your favorite brain food?

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