Miniatur Wunderland : Travel The World At A Single Place

December 3, 2012 10:40 am 1 comment

Everybody wish to visit new and amazing places but unfortunately these places are so far away from each other so what to do now ? but now there is no need to worry so much about that problem because if you ever dream to visit all amazing places at a single time then there is a awesome project designed and made for those people. Some people in Hamburg have designed and created a model place of the entire world which has been given name Miniature Wonderland. This whole project is prepared on the area of 1,300 square meters of land and really its will be an amazing feel and experience to visit this place and there is only a thing you will have to do and that is, you will have to go to Hamburg.

In Miniature Wunderland there is the largest Rail system model and also there is an airport system model which is modest and fully functional. In Miniature Wunderland there are approximately 9,000 cars which use to run on roads and bridges which make us feel of life and in this park area it contains also a harbor with the models of ships. In this world we may easily get few awesome detailed scene which has been directed and influenced from the scenes of our real world. The city seems so real and outstanding for visitors,and according to the report of Miwula TV these incredible things use to happen only in Miniature world.

The model of this world is also very technical which makes it more amazing and adventurous,  it contains 335,000 lights for fake night and this whole model is powered and run by 46 computers and also there is the staff of 230 staff who helps to run the whole system properly. This complete setup took a lot of hard work and 580,000 hours to build it. The creators of this wonderland are two twin brothers name Frederik and Mr. Gerrit Barun, and now they have an idea to continue the construction of this land till year 2020 and till that time the area of this model will be doubled in size.

Miniatur Wunderland Images :

Miniatur Wunderland Video

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Video

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Images

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Images

Miniatur Wunderland Video :

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