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Information of Abby Abadi

Petname : Abby

Birth Place : Malaysia

Birth Date : 1 December 1977

Color Of Eyes : Black

Color Of Hair : Black

Body Figure :    30’’   21’’  32’’

Estimated Body Height : 4 feet 3 inch

Profession : Actress

Well Known As : Abby Abadi

Bio of Abby Abadi

Abadi is a Malaysian celebrity who celebrities on the well-known cops drama, Gerak Khas. Abadi won the Berita Harian’s Anugerah Bintang Popular Prize for Most Popular TV Actress in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Abadi was a participant of the girl-group Top level, before making it in 1998. Abadi signed up with the Rim of Fortune-based activity display Roda Impian during its second period, as co-host. Abadi later remaining the display. Abadi was also shooting for the TV sequence Gerak Khas, enjoying one of the brings, Inspektor Aleeza. Its reputation led in 2001 to a hit function movie depending on the sequence. Two sequels followed, with more moderate achievements. In 2005, Abadi had a aspect as Atikah on Kamasutra.Abby wedded her co-star, Gary Hakim (Inspektor Haris), in 2002. After a marriage disaster in 2006, during which they registered for divorce, they restored their wedding vows.

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